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We purchase football memorabilia (particularly programmes) for all English and Scottish League clubs and for all big match finals and semi-finals. With the exception of semi-finals and finals, we are usually only interested in items prior to 1970 (PLEASE DO NOT SEND LISTS OF ITEMS AFTER 1970). If you have suitable items to sell, please get in touch and we'll see if we can do business. It will greatly speed the process if you have a list of the things you are selling, a description of their condition (please make a note if programmes have any writing, tape, punch holes, tears, pieces missing etc. etc.) as this affects their value. It will also help if you have some idea of the price you want otherwise you won't know if the deal I am offering is good or bad! I am located in the London and Hertfordshire area but will travel anywhere in the country for larger collections.

My Mobile Phone Number in the UK is:-     07703 793697

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