World Cup Stamps - From Nations that reached the Finals

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1930 TOURNAMENT IN URUGUAY - No Stamps Issued by any Country


RARE ITALIAN AEGEAN ISLANDS SET OF NINE STAMPS hinged mint (SG128-136) issued to commemorate the 1934 tournament 225


ITALIAN set of 5 hinged mint stamps (SG413-417) (Posta Italiane - internal post) issued to commemorate the 1934 World Cup 65

ITALIAN set of 4 hinged mint airmail stamps (SG418-421) 65

ITALIAN set of 9 stamps (internal post and airmail together) (SG413-421) hinged mint 125


FRENCH Stamp (SG612 value 1.75F) issued to commemorate hosting the 1938 World Cup - shown below mint 15. This was the only postage stamp issued by any country for the 1938 tournament.

FRENCH POSTER STAMP (red) issued for the 1938 world cup. There were three coloured 'poster' stamps produced in 1938 by the French, each sporting the world cup logo. The one for sale is the red version (there were also blue and green). OUT OF STOCK


BRAZIL set of 3 (SG797-9) issued to commemorate hosting the 1950 World Cup hinged mint 12 OUT OF STOCK

URUGUAY set of 2 (SG1006-7) 4.20 used


SWISS set of 4 stamps, one of which commemorates the hosting of the 1954 World Cup 6 for the set (OUT OF STOCK) or 2.50 for the football stamp on its own (OUT OF STOCK)


BRAZIL single stamp (SG1000) 1.75

CZECHOSLOVAKIA set of 5 stamps (SG1015-1019) only one of which marks the 1958 world cup (the other 4 commemorate other sporting events of that year) 6

RUSSIA set of 2 stamps (SG2210-2211), both featuring footballers and commemorating the 1958 World Cup 6

SWEDEN set of 3 stamps (SG399-401) 3 OUT OF STOCK


BRAZIL single stamp (SG1071) issued for the tournament 2.50

BULGARIA stamp (SG1325) perforated 2 imperforated 2.50

CHILE difficult to find set of four stamps issued by the hosts (SG539-42) 10

CHILE extremely rare uncatalogued miniature sheet issued by the tournament hosts 35

CZECHOSLOVAKIA issued a set of six stamps only one of which related to the 1962 World Cup tournament. The set of six stamps (SG1271-76) is available at 5

CZECHOSLOVAKIA issued a single stamp for the 1962 tournament (SG1306) 1.75

HUNGARY issued a set of 8 stamps for the 1962 tournament (SG1806-13) 7

HUNGARY issued a miniature sheet for the 1962 tournament (MS1813) 5.50


BULGARIA miniature sheet (MS1628) issued for the 1966 tournament 5

BULGARIA set of 5 (SG1623-7) issued for the 1966 tournament 5

ENGLAND Winners MINT SHEET of one hundred and twenty 4d stamps in a complete original sheet, as issued by the post office in 1966. A superb momento of the '66 World Cup - these sheets look great when framed, 55 a sheet. Also available in a quarter sheet (30 stamps) at 15. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE OF PARTIAL SHEET OF 1966 WORLD CUP STAMPS

ENGLAND set of three stamps issued in 1966 (SG693-5) 1.50. Also available as a set in three mint, quarter sheets (30 stamps per quarter sheet) or half-sheets with (60 stamps per half sheet) costing 40 per set of quarter sheets or 65 per set of half sheets. NOW AVAILABLE IN FULL SHEETS (very rare - all three stamps in full sheets of 120 for each value) 150

HUNGARY miniature sheet (SG2202a) issued for the tournament 5

HUNGARY set of 9 stamps (SG2194-2202) commemorating the 1966 Tournament (below) 7.50

NORTH KOREA set of 3 mint stamps (SGN713-715) issued for the 1966 tournament 7, also available in imperforated 12

RUSSIA set of 4 mint stamps (SG3304-7) 2 of which are for the 1966 World Cup tournament 4 also the two football stamps are available as used stamps at 2.75 for the pair

RUSSIA miniature sheetcovering four sports including the 1966 world cup showing the Jules Rimet trophy 5

URUGUAY single stamp (SG1293) issued for the 1966 tournament 5


BRAZIL single stamp (SG1298) issued for the 1970 tournament 1.25

BRAZIL scarce set of 3 stamps (SG1300-1302) issued to commemorate Brazil's win 12.50 (OUT OF STOCK)

BULGARIA set of 6 stamps (SG1976-81) issued for the 1970 tournament 5.75

BULGARIA miniature sheet (SG MS1982) issued for the 1970 tournament 5

CZECHOSLOVAKIA set of 6 football stamps (SG1907-1912) issued for the tournament 5.75

EL SALVADOR set of 16 stamps (SG1328-1343) with each stamp showing a picture of each country in the tournament 15

MEXICO Set of two stamps (SG1187-8) 5.75

MEXICO set of two stamps (SG1209-10) 5.25

ROUMANIA set of 4 stamps (SG3731-3734) for the Mexico tournament 3.50

ROUMANIA Miniature Sheet (SG3735) depicting 4 different stamps and 4 different football scenes to commemorate the Mexican Tournament (shown below) 4.75

RUSSIA set of 2 stamps for the Mexico tournament (only one of which relates to football) 2.75

URUGUAY single stamp (SG1426) mint 4.50, used 2.50


BRAZIL miniature sheet (MS1501) 5.75

BRAZIL single stamp (SG1506) 1.75

BULGARIA miniature sheet (SG MS2319) 5

BULGARIA set of six stamps (SG2313-8) 4.75

CHILE set of 2 stamps (SG722-23) 5

HAITI (SG1298-1303) rare set of six stamps 15,

POLAND miniature sheet (SG MS2315) 3

URUGUAY set of 3 air stamps (values 200, 300, 500) 7.50

URUGUAY rare set of 3 (SG1563-5) 18

URUGUAY miniature sheet (catalogue number unknown) titled 'Uruguay Pais De Tourismo' and with the 74 World Cup logo on the incorporated stamp - rare 18

WEST GERMANY set of 2 stamps issued by the hosts (SG1707-8) 2.75 OUT OF STOCK

YUGOSLAVIA single stamp (SG1614) 1.20


ARGENTINA miniature sheet (700 pesos) 5

ARGENTINA miniature sheet (value 1000 pesos and overprinted 'Argentina Campeon') 8

ARGENTINA single stamp (SG1577) 1.50

ARGENTINA set of 5 stamps (SG1578-82) 4.75

ARGENTINA set of 4 stamps (SG1586-9) 4.75

BRAZIL set of three stamps (SG1704-6) 2.50

HUNGARY set of 8 stamps issued to commemorate the Argentina Tournament 5.50

HUNGARY miniatue sheet 3

MEXICO set of three stamps (SG1436-8) 7

PERU set of 4 stamps (SG1367-70) 3.75

POLAND set of 2 stamps issued to commemorate the tournament 1.50

TUNISIAN set of 2 stamps (SG904-5) 5


ALGERIA set of 2 stamps (SG809-10) 6

BRAZIL set of 3 stamps (SG1943-5) 7.50

BRAZIL miniature sheet (MS1946) 5

CAMEROON rare set of two (SG949-950) 15

CAMEROON rare set of 4 stamps (SG934-937) 15

CAMEROON rare miniature sheet (SG MS938) 15

CZECHOSLOVAKIA set of 3 stamps (SG2609-11) 4 OUT OF STOCK

EL SALVADOR a set of two very scarce miniature sheets, one with 24 nations' flags and one with 24 nations' crests, excellent (SG1712-1759) 130

EL SALVADOR an single large stamp (SG1760) which accompanies the two scarce miniature sheets, this one depicts the El Salvador team in the centre 15

FRANCE stamp issued for the tournament 2

HONDURAS scarce miniature sheet (SG MS 1002) 10

HUNGARY set of 7 stamps (SG3186-93) 5

ITALY single stamp (SG1768) 5

KUWAIT set of two stamps (camel with a football) 5

PERU single stamp (SG1543) scarce 4

POLAND set of two stamps (SG2815-6) 3

RUSSIA single stamp (SG5234) 2

SPAIN Miniature Sheet,consisting of 4 stamps (9, 14, 33, 100Pts) surrounded by football scenes on the sheet (below). 5

Four different SPANISH Sets of 2 stamps per set all priced at 1 per set of two - SG2616-7, SG2640-41 (shown below, 2 stamps on right), SG2668-69 (shown below, 2 stamps on left), SG2683-84

YUOGOSLAVIA set of four stamps (SG3968-71). This set of four are joined and are similar to a miniature sheet 5


ALGERIA set of 2 stamps (SG928-9) 6

BRAZIL Miniature Sheet (SG MS2175) 6.50

BULGARIA Miniature Sheet (below) 3

HUNGARY miniature sheet (MS3695) 4

HUNGARY set of six stamps (SG3689-94) 5.75

MEXICO set of 5 stamps showing previous generations of footballers in paintings (SG1796-1800) 4.75

MEXICO imperforated miniature sheet (by Sergio Morales) 4

MOROCCO set of 2 stamps (SG701-2) 3 OUT OF STOCK

PARAGUAY miniature sheet consisting of 9 pictures of Paraguay teams (1930, 1950, 1958, 1986) from world cup competitions where they qualified for the finals 13.50

PARAGUAY set of 6 stamps (Yv2221-2226) 6

PARAGUAY set of 3 stamps (YvA1019-1021) 8.50

POLAND single stamp (SG3041) 1

RUSSIAN set of three stamps issued for the tournament 2.50

URUGUAY single stamp (SG1887) 5


ARGENTINA set of 4 stamps all joined to form a single sheet and design (SG2195-8) 5

BRAZIL miniature sheet (MS2407) 5.75

CAMEROON rare set of four stamps issued in a miniature sheet (SG1120-1123) 10

CAMEROON rare miniature sheet (SG MS1124) 10

CZECH complete booklet of 10 stamps (10 x 1Kcs) for the 1990 tournament. The cover of the booklet bears the Italia 90 logo 10 OUT OF STOCK

COLUMBIA Miniature Sheet (SG MS749) 3.75

COSTA RICA single stamp (SG1498) 5.50 OUT OF STOCK

EGYPT single stamp SG1761 75p, miniature sheet (SG MS1762) 1.80, IRISH REPUBLIC sheetlet of 8 stamps 11

ITALY complete set of six sheetlets (six stamps per sheetlet, 36 stamps in total SG2052-87) 35

ITALY single stamp (SG2049) 2 OUT OF STOCK

ITALY single stamp (SG1997) 5

RUSSIA two sheetlets each with 10 stamps of value 5 roubles and 10 roubles respectively, 8 for both sheetlets

ROUMANIA set of 8 stamps all with football scenes (SG5276-83) 5.50, set of six stamps (SG5269-74) 4.50 OUT OF STOCK

RUSSIA strip of 5 stamps (all different values) (SG6144-8) 2.50

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES set of four stamps (each featuring Arabic cartoon figure playing football) SG303-306 5, miniature sheet (map of world with cartoon figure playing football) SG MS307 4.50

YUOGOSLAVIA set of two stamps (SG2614-5) 3 OUT OF STOCK


AMERICA set of 3 stamps issued by the hosts for the tournament (all with football scenes) 2.50

AMERICA miniature sheet (showing location of group match stadiums) and with the same three stamps as the individual set of three 3.50

AMERICA sheetlets x3, one sheetlet for each of the three stamps from the set above, each sheetlet with 20 stamps 40

AMERICA first day coin cover bearing the three stamps issued by the hosts but also with a commemorative half-dollar coin - nice item 7.50

ARGENTINIA miniature sheet (MS2364) 3.50

BOLIVIA miniature sheet 15

BRAZIL single stamp (SG2639) 4

BRAZIL miniature sheet 7

BULGARIA miniature sheet (SG MS3972) 3.50

GERMANY set of 4 stamps (only one of which commemorates the world cup) 8

HOLLAND beautiful first day cover with printed football scene and 80 cent stamp (postmarked 'Oranje Goes USA') featuring the Dutch match schedule 7, Single stamp (SG1734) 2.50

MEXICO set of 2 stamps (SG2206-7) 7

MOROCCO single stamp (Moroccon flag, US flag and trophy) SG865 2.50

ROUMANIA set of six (SG5625-5630) 5

SWEDEN single stamp (SG1734) 2

SWITZERLAND single stamp (SG1284) 2


ARGENTINA (SG2587-2590) set of four stamps joined as a miniature sheet 6.75

BRAZIL set (SG2927-2950) in the form of a sheet, very nice 12.50

BULGARIA set of 4 stamps (SG4198-4201) 2.25

CHILE set of 4 stamps (SG1818-21) 6, Miniature Sheet 6

CROATIA single stamp (SG544) 1.60

FRANCE issued 10 stamps featuring the locations of each of the world cup venues and these 10 stamps are available in both sets and miniature sheets. France also issued a single stamp prior to the tournament labeled 'Coupe Du Monde' and this stamp was re-issued after the tournament with the inscription 'France 98 Champion Du Monde'. SET OF 10 stamps 8, MINIATURE SHEET of 10 stamps around a centre picture of the Stade De France 10, SINGLE STAMP before tournament 1, SINGLE STAMP after tournament 'Champion Du Monde' 1

IRAN single stamp issued for the tournament (showing a single Iranian footballer against a stadium backdrop) 2.50

JAMAICA set of three stamps (SG924-926) for the country's first ever world cup finals appearance 7

MEXICO miniature sheet featuring two stamps and a photo of the Mexican squad with printed autographs 6

NIGERIA set of 4 stamps 4

NORTH KOREA set of 2 stamps (30 and 50 values) 2.50, Miniature Sheet (containing 80 value stamp) 4.50, Miniature Sheet (containing 30, 50 and 80 value stamps) 6.50

SOUTH AFRICA single stamp (SG1054) 1.50


ARGENTINA set of two stamps 2.75

ARGENTINA ministure sheet 3.50

BRAZIL single stamp issued to commemorate winning the tournament 2.50

BRAZIL set of two stamps issued prior to the tournament

3 CHINA special presentation brochure containing chinese miniature sheet 7

COSTA RICA miniature sheet containing 4 stamps, each with a team group picture of the team 10

ENGLAND booklet of 6 first class stamps commemorating the world cup 2.50, Miniature Sheet 2.25

ITALY set of two stamps joined together 3.60

JAPAN set of three stamps 5.25

JAPAN set of two stamps 3.60

NIGERIA set of 4 stamps 3

PORTUGAL single stamp (value 1.75 euro) 2.25, Miniature Sheet (containing 1 Euro and 2 Euro value stamps) 6,

SOUTH KOREA sheet of stamps containing 24 different stamps in total all featuring South Korean players 12.50

SOUTH KOREA miniature sheet of 4 stamps 8

SOUTH KOREA miniature sheet containing 11 circular stamps 12

URUGUAY set of two stamps 7.50


AUSTRALIA set of 4 stamps 3.75, mini sheet in shape of football with set of 4 stamps at centre 3.75

COSTA RICA sheetlet of nine mint stamps 15, COSTA RICA World Cup first day cover with world cup stamp on picture envelope 5

CROATIA single stamp mint 3

ENGLAND set of 6 stamps in a commemorative display card 5.25


SOUTH AFRICA mini sheet (raised hands knocking ball in air) 2


1962 World Cup, set of 4 Albanian stamps commemorating the tourament in Chile 5

1966 World Cup, Crown Colony Set, MINT condition. Total of 40 stamps in this set, each bearing a picture of the Jules Rimet Trophy with the heading 'World Cup Football Championship - England 1966' 25. Examples of 3 out of the 40 stamps in the set shown below:

1966 World Cup, Maldive Islands Miniature Sheet 4.50, Ghana Miniature Sheet 12, Poland Miniature Sheet 3.50.

1974 World Cup, MINT Set of 6 stamps issued by ROUMANIA to commemorate the German tournament - 5

1978 World Cup, MINT set of 8 stamps issued by HUNGARY for the Argentine tournament 7


WEMBLEY - THE END OF AN ERA, LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 20. A strictly limited edition commemorative issue to mark the end of Wembley Football Stadium. Shown below (front of the card is shown at the bottom), the Wembley Postcard has been hand stamped to the reverse on New Year's Eve 1999 with the Wembley postmark. The back of the card (shown below in the top half) also contains an original 1966 England Winners stamp and the special Millenium Edition Bobby Moore stamp showing him with the Jules Rimet Trophy at Wembley. TWENTY ONLY PRODUCED. Cost, including postage and packing, 25 each.